Useful Links

Useful links

Daniella White runs Raestar a jazz promotions, consultancy, project management and an agency. Her website has some very useful tips for musicians:

Jazz Connects. Chris has just signed up to the new website developed by Emily Saunders at: An excellent venture and information jazz site that needs your support. Get yourself and your bands, music and activity registered.

Jazzcds – brings you a selection of contemporary jazz CDs by top modern jazz musicians. We sell independent jazz albums produced by independent jazz labels. Many of our jazz cds are normally only available at gigs or at a limited range of specialist jazz record stores at: Jazzcds

Images of Jazz – Brian O’Connor has been photographing musicians for over 35 years and and his website contains a wealth of images of jazz from jazz clubs and festivals round the UK:

MusicTank – University of Westminster’s music business think tank and information hub: http:

Promoting live gigs is vital to a healthy jazz scene. There are two manuals; the first is a superb manual by Heather Maitland on “Getting Bigger Audiences for Jazz”. That is well researched and lays out a set of principles in laypersons terms that gets to grips with how to market bands to a wider audience. The second is a guide for new promoters that sets out guidelines and the do’s and dont’s of being a promoter  for the first time. It was written in 2003 so the all the digital /online/social media stuff is lacking but again the principles of promoting for the first time are all laid out in a coherent easy to follow way.

Musicians’ Union –  The MU is an organisation which represents over 30,000 musicians working in all sectors of the British music business at: Musicians’ Union

National Jazz Archive – The NJA holds the UK’s finest collection of written, printed and visual material on jazz, blues and related music, from the 1920s to the present day. Founded in 1988 by trumpeter Digby Fairweather, the Archive’s vision is to ensure that the rich tangible cultural heritage of jazz is safeguarded for future generations of enthusiasts, professionals and researchers at: National Jazz Archives

Performing Right Society Ltd – The PRS pay royalties to their members when their work is performed, broadcast, streamed, downloaded, reproduced, played in public or used in film and TV. They support them by influencing policy, supporting and hosting awards and events, and investing in new technology to ensure they are  fit for the digital music age at: PRS for Music

PPL – licenses recorded music played in public and distributes the fees as royalties to its members at: PPL