CD: Vic Parker

Vic Parker

Chris Hodgkins (cornet), Vic Parker (guitar) and Jed Williams (drums); 14th January 1976 at the Quebec Hotel, Cardiff.

Vic Parker Chris Hodgkins Jed Williams playing Indiana at the Quebec Hotel, Cardiff on the 14th January 1976

Vic Parker Chris Hodgkins playing China Boy Quebec Hotel 4th February 1976

Here is a short clip of Jazz at the Quebec Hotel Cardiff with Victor Parker on guitar, Bob Tunnicliffe on trombone and Duncan Whyte on trumpet. From a tribute to Victor Parker on BBC Radio Wales 5th November 1980 Vic played with amongst others Dennis Walton’s Cubanaires and the Geraldo Orchestra.

Vic Parker, Duncan Whyte and Bob Tunnicliffe at the Quebec Hotel Cardiff playing If I Had You

This clip is taken from a tribute to Victor Parker on BBC Radio Wales on the 5th November 1980. The photo on  YouTube is from the South Wales Echo and was taken in the Quebec Hotel in Crichton Street, Cardiff shortly before it closed.

Vic Parker playing and singing Jelly Jelly


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