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 Chris Hodgkins – Business Education

1983 – 1985 Higher National Diploma in Business and Finance – Ealing College of Further Education, London (Distinction).

1988 – 1990 Master of Business Administration (part time) – London Management Centre, Polytechnic of Central London.

1990 – 1991 Diploma in Marketing – Chartered Institute of Marketing

2005 Appointed a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing

Chris encourages musicians to  join the trade bodies that are there to protect your rights. Musicians’ Union,  PRS for Music,  Phonographic Performance Limited (PPL). Chris is a member of the Musicians’ Union, PPL, PRS,  Creative Industries Federation  and a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and his music publisher is Paul Rodriguez Music

Chris has just signed up to the new website developed by Emily Saunders and Andrew Lipscombe at: An excellent venture and information jazz site that needs your support. Please sign up.

In July 2017 Chris was appointed by the All Party Parliamentary Jazz Appreciation Group to act as their Secretariat. The Secretariat team is Chris and Sarah Pellew and details can be found at: All Party Parliamentary Jazz Appreciation Group 

Just Published – Where do you want to be?

“Where do you want to be – a business planning manual for jazz music students and  musicians.” by Chris Hodgkins has just been published and is available as a free download – just fill in the form below.

Where Do You Want To Be 5 001

“Whether you are a musician, a representative or a music student you will find this manual to be a valuable guide and companion on your journey through the ever changing and evolving music business.  And as a teacher… I shall definitely be using this manual with my students.”

Debbie Dickinson, Senior Lecturer Creative Practice, BA Programme Director, Culture & Creative Industries Centre, Department of Sociology, School of Arts, City, University London, 17 April 2017

“This manual provides a comprehensive guide to structuring the day-to-day work load and of managing personal development with a strategic approach to building a successful musical career. 

The book raises the question of “How the broadening of our own industrious skills can enhance our creative opportunity”. Put so succinctly, as Hodgkins does within this clear and methodical guide, we’re left inspired to be more efficient with our time – there’s no reason why the pursuit of a creative and artistic journey, shouldn’t lead to a prosperous outcome.”

Jamil Sheriff, Curriculum Leader for Jazz, Leeds College of Music.

“When I retired from Jazz Services one of the first items of work on my action programme was to write a business planning manual for jazz music students, jazz musicians and musicians generally that would be free and available online.”

Chris Hodgkins MBA, DipM, FCIM.


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Online Music Business Resource

At Jazz Services Chris Hodgkins set up the Online Music Business Resource with Debbie Dickinson of City University. Jazz Services has now restructured and changed its name to Jazz UK and the  website is at:

Three new additions are the Guide To Marketing Your Band and Funding Tips which have just been revised September 2017 and a new publication the Guide To Music Organisations– Including Copyright, royalties and IRCSs which are available below as free downloads

Guide To Marketing Your Band

Funding tips front cover          Guide To Music Organisations 2

Guide To Marketing Your Band revised September 2017

Funding Tips revised September 2017

Guide to Industry Organisations

Online Music Business Resource Archives

Jazz Services published a series of useful guides. Please note that some of the manuals may seem out of date and in terms of digital developments a bit behind the times but the principles do not change.

Guide To The Music Industry





Guide To The Music Industry     Funding Tips 

The guides below deal with media and copyright. It is crucial that musicians know copyright both as performers and composers. The guide to the Internet and Digital music needs updating. The Guide to Copyright is still useful and so is the Guide to Getting Your Music on the Radio. The Gude to search Engine Optimisation is being re-evaluated.

Internet Guide

Guide To Copyright

Guide To SEO

Guide To Getting Your Music On The Radio






Internet Guide    Guide To Copyright    Guide To SEO    Guide to Getting Your Music On The Radio

Promoting live gigs is vital to a healthy jazz scene. There are two manuals; the first is a superb manual by Heather Maitland on “Getting Bigger Audiences for Jazz”. That is well researched and lays out a set of principles in laypersons terms that gets to grips with how to market bands to a wider audience. The second is a guide for new promoters that sets out guidelines and the do’s and dont’s of being a promoter  for the first time. It was written in 2003 so the all the digital /online/social media stuff is lacking but again the principles of promoting for the first time are all laid out in a coherent easy to follow way

Guide To Getting Bigger Audiences

Guide For New Promoters 001






Guide To Getting Bigger Audiences  Guide For New Promoters