The Observer Autumn Culture Preview needs to broaden its outlook

The Autumn Culture  Preview in  the New Review  in the Observer on the 1st September 2019 was disappointingly narrow in its outlook.

The highlights were heavily skewed towards London and limited in the coverage of different genres of music. There were 11 mentions generally, on film, television and books with 12 mentions of art, theatre, dance,music, tours and architecture events in London and only of 6 events out side London. The two opera houses in London were featured and yet no mention of jazz or other underrepresented musics such as folk or for that matter classical music. In September there are jazz festivals in Lancaster, Bishop’s Stortford (Herts Jazz Festival) and Scarborough; in October, Swannage Blues Festival, Marsden and Teignmouth and in November the EFG London Jazz Festival.

For the avoidance of doubt 3.4 million people attend classical music concerts, 2.1 million people attend jazz concerts and 1.7 million people attend opera.

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