Calling All Jazz Clubs – Invitation from Guildford to a Virtual Roundtable on how to attract a younger audience and secure Arts Council funding

A commendable initiative from Guildford Jazz

Calling All Jazz Clubs – an invitation from Guildford to a Virtual Roundtable on how to attract a younger audience and secure Arts Council funding

Guildford Jazz has just successfully completed a series of Arts Council England funded gigs and improvisation workshops aimed at attracting a younger audience to a traditional, straight ahead jazz club. It was agreed as part of our ACE funding application that the club would share what it learnt from the “Beat” project – good and bad – with other clubs. They plan to do this by holding two alternative, one hour, roundtable zoom sessions and making available a resource pack to any clubs who attend one of the roundtables.

The roundtables will be held at 

3-4pm on 9 Jan 


7.30-8.30 pm on 17 January

Each session will be held on zoom and will cover both topics. You need only attend one of the two sessions.

If you would like to attend, please send an email to confirming which jazz club you represent and which of the two roundtables you will join. Guildford Jazz will then email you details on how to join the roundtable.

If you cannot attend either session but would be interested in attending another session in the near future please let Guildford Jazz know and they will try to arrange a further session.

Both the roundtables and resource pack will be provided for free .

As well as Guildford Jazz sharing what it learnt, the sessions will provide an opportunity for participating clubs to share their own thoughts, experiences and dilemmas around the two topics.

Guildford Jazz will send out the resource pack to participating clubs after the roundtable session.
The topics addressed in the roundtables will include:

Attracting a Younger Audience 
– What sort of programming works – artists and genres
– Venue choice, formats and vibe
– Partnering
– Marketing to a younger demographic
– Differences and similarities between gigs for younger and older audience
– Does live streaming work post covid ?

Securing ACE Funding 
– considerations around whether to apply for ACE funding
– how an ACE funded project differs in practice from self funded gigs
– tips for preparing a successful application for ACE funding
– whats important to ACE and how to address their objectives
– community involvement, workshops and beyond
– putting together and managing a budget for ACE
– navigating the “lingo”
– how easy is the ACE reporting process in practise

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